Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth boss responds to huge Metacritic score

aerith in final fantasy vii rebirth
FFVII Rebirth boss responds to huge review scoresSquare Enix
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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's director has responded after the game landed a huge score on Metacritic.

The middle entry in the FFVII Remake trilogy is out next week (Thursday, February 29), and ahead of its release, reviews have dropped online. Currently sitting at a score of 92, it is 2024's best-reviewed game on the aggregate site, and the second-highest-rated game in the franchise, after Final Fantasy IX.

Reacting to the acclaim, Naoki Hamaguchi — who served as the co-director of the first part alongside Tetsuya Nomura before stepping up to sole director of Rebirthshared his gratitude on social media.

aerith in final fantasy vii rebirth
Square Enix

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"To reach review scores of over 90 was one of our goals as a development team to reach fans and welcome new ones as well!" he wrote.

"This wonderful result was only possible thanks to the entire development team's hard work and dedication, so I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

"I've been supported by the press, community, influencers, and the PR team and I can't them enough. Let's continue this positive momentum through the launch of the game, everyone!"

final fantasy vii rebirth, cloud and sephiroth walking through the mountains with their backs to the camera
Square Enix

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Digital Spy's review of FFVII Rebirth says: "We really, really don't want to ruin the story for returning fans or newcomers alike, so we won't dive too much into it, because it truly is what makes Rebirth stand out as such an impressive JRPG...

"With some unexpected twists and turns along the way, plus some confident changes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is utterly massive and really is the ultimate way to experience this much-loved story."

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is out on February 29 on PlayStation 5.

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