Film trailer: animated 3D 'Hotel Transylvania'

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Still from 'Hotel Transylvania'

The first trailer for the animated comedy Hotel Transylvania was released March 27, starring Adam Sandler as Dracula.

The family friendly story focuses on Dracula, who is planning to host a party for his daughter Mavis, portrayed by Selena Gomez, on the occasion of her 118th birthday.

Plans go awry when a young human, Simon Van Helsing, a monster hunter, arrives at the hotel reserved for monsters, zombies, invisible men, and vampires. Thing get complicated when he falls for Mavis.

The voice cast also includes Kevin James as Frankenstein, Steve Buscemi as Wayne the Werewolf, Molly Shannon as Wanda the Werewolf, and Cee Lo Green, who will play Murray the Mummy.

Hotel Transylvania opens September 20 in Australia and North America, in the UK on October 12 and in other European markets through the end of 2012, including France on December 19.