Film Critic Judith Crist Dies at 90

Esther Zuckerman
The Atlantic Wire
Film Critic Judith Crist Dies at 90

Another death to report today: Film critic Judith Crist has died at the age of 90. Crist — whose work was both revered by her readers and feared by her subjects — was a regular reviewer on The Today Show and the founding film critic for New York magazine. (Here's her review of John Wayne in True Grit from 1969.) She also wrote for TV Guide, where she served 22 years, and for numerous other publications.

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In his obituary for Crist in The New York Times, Douglas Martin notes that Billy Wilder once said of Crist: "Inviting her to review one of your pictures is like inviting the Boston Strangler to massage your neck." Until recently Crist taught at the Columbia Journalism School. Below, a recent interview with Crist, who discussed aging: 

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Also, listen to her review Let It Be:

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