A Fertilizer Plant Just Exploded near Waco, Texas

Adam Clark Estes

Several homes are on fire, and residents of a nearby retirement home are trapped inside after an explosion at a fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas, a small town near Waco. The cause of the explosion and extent of the damage is unclear, but the local Department of Public Safety says that several people are severely injured. The explosion could be felt as far away as Dallas, which is nearly 100 miles away. Witnesses nearby reported seeing a massive fireball rise from the site of the plant. It's all pretty scary for those nearby. "It shook our windows and doors," said one nearby resident. "We immediately ran outside looking for the worst."

With the recent terror attack in Boston, an explosion like this is certainly unsettling. But again, we don't yet know what caused the explosion, so don't jump to any conclusions. It is worth noting that this week is the 30th anniversary of the end of the deadly siege in Waco. This is a developing story, and we'll update you with new information as it flows in.