Fentanyl found on charter bus used for Pueblo school trip

(PUEBLO, Colo.) — Pueblo School District 60 (D60) released information on Wednesday, March 20, regarding pills found on the floor of a bus chartered by a fourth-grade class for a field trip to Denver. The pills tested positive for fentanyl.

The bus was chartered on March 12 from a third party, Ramblin Express, Inc. According to a spokesperson from Ramblin Express, the bus underwent a thorough cleaning overnight between March 11 and 12, including wiping down between seats, cleaning overhead compartments, emptying the lavatory, disinfecting the entire bus, and washing the floor. It was inspected on the morning of March 12 and found clean.

When the driver completed the school trip, she swept the bus and found blue pills scattered on the floor. She informed the company, who told her to leave the bus as it was, and contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD). CSPD confiscated the pills and verified that they tested positive for fentanyl.

Ramblin Express contacted the school to inform officials, who then notified parents and guardians of students on the trip. The school recommended that to ensure the safety of their children, parents should talk with them to verify that they did not pick up any pills. If parents find that their child did have a pill, they should contact the Pueblo Police Department promptly to retrieve it, as fentanyl can be dangerous if touched or ingested.

D60 said in a statement, “The safety of our students is always our top priority, and a situation such as this is very concerning.”

Law enforcement informed D60 that they did not believe the pills were brought on board by any students.

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