Female pedestrian shot twice in Eastpointe road rage incident

EASTPOINTE, Mich. (FOX 2) - A couple was strolling through their Eastpointe neighborhood when a driver ran a stop sign. Some words were exchanged, and then that driver pulled a gun and started shooting.

Investigators say — just after 10 pm Tuesday — the driver almost hit the man and woman after disregarding a stop sign. In the midst of the ensuing argument, he fired his gun, hitting the woman in the leg twice.

A responding officer used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding until she went to the hospital, where she is expected to recover.

Police say that even though there aren’t two cars involved — this can be considered a case of road rage.

The block is back to normal after police say a driver shot at a couple near David and Collinson late Tuesday night.

"It’s a crazy situation for a person to be shot or killed over a simple argument," said Lt. Alexander Holish.

Holish said that the description of the suspect's vehicle is unfortunately so far, vague.

"We canvassed the neighborhood, we got camera footage," he said. "All we can confirm at this point is it’s a dark sedan. it traveled at a high rate of speed."

Holish said even though only one person was shot, they are both victims.

"The significant other of the lady who got shot, he’s a victim too because he got shot at as well," he said. "He just didn’t get hit. He stayed with her (and) used his own shirt to make a makeshift Band-Aid."

"Sometimes it’s easier to just swallow your tongue so to speak. Call us. Call police. Hopefully, we can identify the person or find them."

The lieutenant says his officers are required to carry a tourniquet. as you can see in this case, it came in handy as it saved a woman’s life.