Fellow inmates express anger over Muslims getting microwaves during 'Ramadan fast' in UK jail


London, July 22 (ANI): Muslim prisoners being provided with microwaves in the jail to warm up food during their Ramadan fast has sparked off fury among other inmates in a jail in Leicestershire.

Lags at the Gartree lifer's jail are furious over the Muslims getting special treatment.

According to the Daily Express, Muslim inmates had moaned over the quality of last year's grub, which was served cold in flasks at the end of the fasting period, following which they threatened to strike.

"The Muslim lads kicked up a stink last year over the food they received for Ramadan. And guess what? The authorities gave in and gave the green light. It's a f**king liberty. If the non-Muslims asked for this, they'd be told where to go," the paper quoted an inmate, as saying.

The inmate warned that prisoners could smash the microwaves and use jagged pieces as weapons.

"HMP Gartree is in the process of having its kitchen rebuilt. A number of microwaves have been purchased for the kitchen area and for some prisoners observing Ramadan so they can heat up food in their cells," a spokesman for the prison, was reported, as saying. (ANI)