Feel Good Friday: Cadott 4th Grader runs “to” Cedar Rapids

CADOTT, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – A Cadott 4th grader laced up his running shoes at the beginning of the school year with the goal of running 200 miles. Not only did he meet his goal, he exceeded it. For Feel Good Friday, First News at Nine’s Ellie Pomerleau has the story.

4th grader Noah Anderson does not need to have too much figured out about life while he makes his way through elementary school. However, he is certain about one thing, he likes to run. “It’s fun “

His passion for running has been fueled by Cadott Elementary’s use of the Amped Program. Cadott Elementary School Phys. Ed. Teacher, Zack Sirny, explains, “The Amped Program is through Phit America. It’s a program that’s trying to get students more active in running. We are part of the Amped running program where our students can run at recess if they choose to”

Each student who participates in the program gets a scan card that they scan on an iPad when they pass the mile marker to keep track of their distance.

Last year Anderson ran 180 miles but he decided that wasn’t enough. He set a new goal of running 200 miles. This one fueled by a promise. Sirny says, “I like to motivate the students and give them goals to, you know, keep bettering themselves, so I told Noah if he got 200 miles, I’d contact WEAU to see if they would come out and do a story.”

Anderson exceeded the goal hitting over 210 miles this week. Sirny explains, “I went on Google Maps and I wanted to see how far he would maybe run and he pretty much could run from Cadott to Cedar Rapids Iowa.”

And Anderson’s aspirations continue to grow along with the amount of miles he runs he says his next goal is to run, “Three hundred…like… seventy (370)?”

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