Federal sharpshooters want to take out deer population from homes

Tega Cay leaders are considering allowing sharpshooters to take out deer from people’s homes.

The city closed the local golf course earlier this year and allowed sharpshooters to hunt deer overnight. The goal was to lower the deer population.

Tega Cay releases update on efforts to control deer population

They killed 36 deer, but their goal was 160.

USDA officials told the city during a debrief that they could do a better job next time if they had more flexibility to shoot during the daytime, shoot for longer hours, do mobile shooting, and they could shoot from people’s private property.


Leaders said using private property would mean asking citizens if sharpshooters could use their land to target and kill deer during daytime hours.

“Let’s do more surveys of the community,” said Mary Ickert, with the Tega Cay Wildlife Conservation Society. “Let’s get more neighborhoods to buy in.”

Leaders also talked about alternatives to culling, including sterilization.

The deputy city manager said it may be more effective to combine both methods.

Leaders could make a final decision on the deer management plan in the next few months.

VIDEO: Tega Cay releases update on efforts to control deer population