You Should Fear a Zombie Apocalypse -- It's Science

Amanda Wills

Should you be stocking up on brains to feed the undead that will rise on Halloween night? Well, not quite. But according to this highly scientific whiteboard drawing, a zombie apocalypse is technically possible.

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No, you won't see rotten corpse hands clawing their way out of graves, but it is possible that an incurable illness could kickstart a zombie apocalypse. But we already know this from The Walking Dead.

The video above, written and created by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of AsapSCIENCE, illustrates how a zombie virus could infect parts of the human brain and control our thoughts and actions. It's all bad news. But it's set to a friendly soundtrack, so we don't feel too threatened.

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According to the video, "The main factor involved is finding a virus specific to the brain areas for these symptoms, while leaving the other areas in tact."

And here's the kicker -- the perfect zombie virus will enter through your nose. So stop smelling stuff now, or we may have a crisis on our hands come November.

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