‘You fear the worst, hope for the best;’ Family asking for help searching for missing Dayton man

A family worried about their son’s battle with addiction is asking for help on National Fentanyl Awareness Day.

Jack Flohre’s family said he has been missing for months and reported it to Dayton Police Department.

Detectives as well as family members looked for Flohre’s but now they are asking for the public’s help.

“That makes me really happy, someone is finally going to try to find him,” Karen Flohre, Jack’s stepmother said.

Police posted information about Flohre’s to social media Monday night.

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Officers said they don’t believe there’s been foul lay but they are concerned about his welfare.

“I hope somebody comes forward, someone will come forward, we know somebody knows something,” Karen said.

Karen and her husband have not seen Jack in six months and no one, including his mother, has heard from him in three months.

They said Jack struggled with drug addiction and they believe mental health issues — but they know he was trying to better himself.

“We do know he wanted to get better, he just could never do it,” Karen said.

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Dan Suffoletto from Public Health Dayton Montgomery County said Tuesday is National Fentanyl Awareness Day.

“The main thing is, when you buy drugs on the street, you just don’t know what is in them,” Suffoletto said.

That is why Public Health is distributing fentanyl test strips, recently legalized in Ohio, to their clients.

It’s another tool to keep people alive until they beat their addictions.

“You can’t force people into recovery, they come to that decision,” Suffoletto said.

Jack’s loved ones said they need the community to help find Jack.

“We’re losing hope but we’re hanging on, we’ve been hanging on, one way or another we want to bring him home,” Karen said.

Public health leaders said after overdose deaths dropped they are now once again climbing in Montgomery County.