FBI releases new footage of pipe bomb suspect near DNC headquarters day before Capitol riot


The FBI has released new surveillance footage of a person suspected of placing a pipe bomb near the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington DC the day before a riot at the US Capitol.

Surveillance footage shows a person carrying a bag and sitting on a park bench near the DNC, then standing with the bag and walking away. The FBI said the video “contains footage from along the suspect’s route.”

The person is also suspected of placing a pipe bomb in an alley near the Republican National Committee headquarters.

The agency also released a virtual map that details the suspect’s route on 5 January, the night before a mob stormed the halls of Congress and threatened lawmakers to reject the votes of millions of Americans as Congress convened to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The person in the video is wearing a face mask, glasses, a grey hooded sweatshirt, gloves, and black and light grey Nike shows, according to the FBI. The suspect carried the pipe bombs in a backpack, the agency said.

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