FBI director makes case to Senate for reauthorization of spying powers

Speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray urged Congress to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows the agency to conduct surveillance on foreign nationals outside the U.S. without obtaining a warrant. Wray said allowing it to expire would be "devastating" to the FBI's efforts to counter national security threats.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: In the time I have here this morning, I want to emphasize the importance of one tool in particular that is indispensable to our efforts to combat threats posed by foreign adversaries, one that will expire in just a few short weeks if Congress does not act. And that is FISA's 702 authorities for the FBI.

As this committee knows, 702 allows us to stay a step ahead of foreign actors located outside the United States, who pose a threat to national security. And the expiration of our 702 authorities would be devastating to the FBI's ability to protect Americans from those threats.