FBI director 'appalled' after seeing Tyre Nichols police video

During a press conference on Friday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said he has seen video of the Jan. 7 encounter between Memphis police and Tyre Nichols, who died three days later. Wray said what happened was "tragic" and that he was "appalled" at what he saw in the video.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER WRAY: Yes, what happened in Memphis is, obviously, tragic. I have seen the video myself. And I will tell you, I was appalled. I'm struggling to find a stronger word, but I will just tell you, I was appalled.

The FBI, working with the Justice Department, takes great pride in our color-of-law investigations. And we will pursue, as has already been announced, an investigation here. And we'll do it professionally, without fear or favor, by the book, as, I think, is expected of us.

As far as preparation, all of our field offices have been alerted to work closely with their state and local partners, including in particular, of course, in Memphis in the event of something getting out of hand. But I would just add my voice to the attorney generals and to the families, to whom my heart goes out, that there's a right way and a wrong way in this country to express being upset or angry about something. And we need to make sure that if there is that sentiment expressed here, it's done in the right way.