FBI Academy uses ‘Portlandia’ sketch as a training tool [VIDEO]

One of our nation’s most powerful intelligence agencies uses a satirical sketch comedy show to train its employees.

A sketch from the Independent Film Channel series “Portlandia” is somehow being used to train future Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Carrie Brownstein, one of the show’s stars and co-creators, told The Hollywood Reporter that the FBI approached her in April and asked permission to use the sketch “Sanitation Twins” as a training tool at the academy in Quantico, Va.

“This falls under the surreal category,” Brownstein said. “We granted permission, although he didn’t tell us why he was interested.”

“Sanitation Twins” is about a pair of twins who made a PSA to teach the people of Portland about the city’s new, elaborate, color-coded recycling system.

Watch the clip and feel safe and sound at night knowing that men and women who are being trained to protect and serve have used this in their training.


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FBI Academy uses 'Portlandia' sketch as a training tool [VIDEO]

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