Father's Day: Disney Dads Share Fun Facts About Their Celebrity Kids (Exclusive)

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Disney stars Olivia Holt, Tyrel Jackson Williams and Calum Worthy with their dads -- Disney

With Father's Day upon us, it's time to celebrate dear ol' dad!

In an AccessHollywood.com exclusive, a few dads are turning the tables on their Disney star kids, revealing some unknown fun facts about their sons & daughters!

Check out what the fathers of Olivia Holt (Disney XD's "Kickin' It"), Tyrel Jackson Williams (Disney XD's "Lab Rats") and Calum Worthy (Disney Channel's "Austin & Ally") had to say about their kids...

(And be sure to check out the full-sized family photos of Olivia, Calum and Tyrel with their dads!)

Olivia Holt (from her dad Mark):

She loves to ride roller coasters. She loves little kids. She can throw a football really well! She likes to imitate different characters. She wants to secretly be a standup comedian. She loves to go muddin' with a four wheeler through the mud.

Tyrel Jackson Williams (from his dad Leroy):

He is a deep thinker. He is a better basketball dribbler than his brothers. He likes to try physically challenging things. He plays a mean blues/jazz/classic rock/gospel guitar. He likes to cook.

Calum Worthy (from his dad David):

He starts everyday by making a list of things he is grateful for. His favorite animal is the koala bear. He has a passion for the environment. His favorite subjects in school were Global Studies and Math. He played tenor saxophone in his high school band. His first stage role was playing a kitten in a production of "Cats." He was 3 years old. He nailed it.


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