Father's texts with son during Arapahoe High School shooting show fear, relief

Jay Busbee
Yahoo News

Friday brought every parent's worst nightmare to Denver, when reports began filtering out of Arapahoe High School that a shooter was on the loose. The gunman was apparently in search of a specific teacher, but wounded two students before turning the gun on himself.

As in all of these situations, parents rushed to locate their children at designated meeting areas near the school. Kevin Conboy, a Web designer in Denver, has posted the correspondence between himself and his son, a student at the school, and it's sobering.

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Conboy followed occasionally confusing and contradictory directions to locate his son, and along the way kept offering reassurance.

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Finally, the two reunited at a nearby church. The photo Conboy posted says more than texts ever could.

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"I’ll have much, much more to say on this as I become cognizant of just what this has done to me," Conboy wrote. Follow his blog here.

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