Father asks community to help finding son’s killer

VILLE PLATTE, La. (KLFY) — After the shooting that took the life of his son, the father of Andrew Thomas is looking to his community for help as the shooter still walks free.

Andrew Nelson, Thomas’ father, says he doesn’t under stand how his son’s murder has not been solved.

“I just still can’t see how the murder is not solved, or even have somebody of interest and picked up already if it was in broad daylight like that,” said Nelson.

28-year-old Andrew Thomas was shot and killed on March 7 behind a tire shop on North Chatagnier Street in Ville Platte.

In weeks since the shooting, Nelson says he’s heard from fellow residents where the shooting took place, all saying they have not yet been questioned by law enforcement, leading to concern from Nelson’s family.

“I know they can’t do it alone, but they could do more. People in the neighborhood have never been questioned. The person that owns Tony’s Tires, he said they’ve never questioned him and never asked him anything. Any little thing they got from them maybe would help,” Nelson said.

However, Nelson doesn’t just look to law enforcement, he also hopes to see more residents in the city speak up if they saw something.

“The neighborhood is moving around. You could pass there at 8:30 in the morning and they got people walking all over the street on North Chatagnier. Someone has seen something,” Nelson explained.

As Nelson says he is trying to move forward, he hopes his son’s death is one that sparks the community to stand together and assist in solving police investigations before more shootings take place.

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“I believe in God, and God asked me to forgive. I forgive, whoever it is, I forgive them. My son is resting, are you resting? It can’t just be the police department; they need the public to help. Until they help the department, we’re going to keep having these unsolved murders we got. I don’t want to see another parent going through the same thing,” Nelson said.

Nelson urges anyone with information about the shooting to reach out to Ville Platte’s police department, saying any information can make a difference.

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