A far-right Twitch streamer encouraged his audience to drink a bleach solution to cure cancer: NYT

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A far-right Twitch streamer encouraged viewers to drink a bleach solution as a cure to cancer, according to a report from the New York Times.

Zak Paine, who goes by Redpill78, regularly pushes baseless QAnon theories and makes false claims about vaccines and cancer to his more than 14,000 followers, The Times reported.

Among his baseless claims was during a stream with a guest, in which they told followers to drink the bleach solution - a concept that the Food and Drug Administration has said is dangerous.

Kotaku reported last year that Twitch has tried to moderate QAnon communications, and the company told Insider last year that the platform's guidelines "prohibit hateful conduct, harassment, and threats of violence."

But the report on Paine was part of a larger story on the New York Times about far-right influencers making thousands of dollars spreading false theories on Twitch.

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