Far Right Turns on ‘Faker’ & ‘Liar’ Marjorie Taylor Greene

Joe Raedle/Getty
Joe Raedle/Getty
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The far right is out to destroy one of their own.

Over the past week, far-right pundits have begun lining up to take shots at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) as the congresswoman reportedly vacationed in Costa Rica.

As for why fellow extremists are upset? That’s three-fold—and it involves Greene’s vocal support for Rep. Kevin McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House, her public spat with onetime friend Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and the finalization of her divorce.

“MTG wants to protect McCarthy from being removed if he is elected Speaker,” Jan 6th organizer Ali Alexander wrote on Telegram, seething over Greene. “There is something so odd about what is going on between McCarthy and MTG. I’ve only ever once before seen anything like it. It may be time for me to intervene.”

The “Stop the Steal” leader—once an ally of Greene’s—subsequently returned to Telegram to tear into the Georgia Republican, who he referred to as a “trailer park hoodrat,” for “attacking” Boebert earlier this week after the Colorado congresswoman ignited a public feud with Greene.

“I’ve been aligned with Marjorie and accused of believing a lot of the things that she believes in,” Boebert said Monday at a Turning Point USA conference—which kicked off the feud. “I don’t believe in this, just like I don’t believe in Russian space lasers, Jewish space lasers, and all of this.”

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Greene responded on Twitter by accusing Boebert of engaging in “high school drama” and generating “media sound bites.”

Since then, far-right radio host Stew Peters has also gotten in on the Greene bashing.

“I see you’ve stopped talking about dildos and butt plugs,” Peters fumed on Twitter after Greene fired back at Boebert.

In a phone interview with The Daily Beast, Peters said that Greene was “actually a threat to national security” and declared that she would “burn in hell” one day.

“Marjorie is NOT America First, but regrettably a faker and a liar who raised millions claiming she would impeach Biden, and now backs a man for Speaker who refuses to impeach Biden,” he said Friday evening. Additionally, Peters—like many other far-right pundits—engaged in an extremely sexist attack referencing the allegation that Greene had an affair with a “tantric sex guru” ahead of her recent divorce.

Peters suggested the “wholesome Christian mom” image she ran under was a farce, apparently in light of her divorce, calling her a “two-bit whore.”

Likewise, former Right Side Broadcasting Network host-turned-failed Republican congressional candidate Mike Crispi suggested that Greene was being “blackmailed” by McCarthy, which he called the “only logical explanation” for her fervent support.

“All she does is bully and try to discredit,” he continued of the Georgia Republican.

White nationalist leader-turned-Kanye West informal campaign associate Nicholas Fuentes additionally turned on Greene earlier this month after she denounced him in late November, despite speaking at Fuentes’s annual AFPAC conference months earlier in March.

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Fuentes—who now refers to Greene as “Large Marge”—has since encouraged his white nationalist “groyper” followers to heckle Greene at her campaign events.

Greene’s congressional office didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Friday evening.

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