'Fantasy Island' Centers Queer Women's Romance in Exclusive Clip

Fantasy Island
Fantasy Island

The original ’70s series Fantasy Island may have been a camp classic of sorts, but this week’s episode of the Fox reboot features a very queer storyline, and The Advocate has a clip.

A semi-anthology series, the show focuses on a luxury resort where people go for ultimate wish fulfillment where dreams can either end up as sublime or go terribly awry. The Fantasy Island reboot stars Roselyn Sanchez as Elena Roarke, the daughter of Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalbán), the host of the island in the original series.

In the women-loving-women storyline that is set to air Tuesday, Caitlin Stasey (who is queer) plays Isabel, a bookish woman who longs for adventure akin to that in the 19th-century romance novels she adores. The island grants Isabel her wish to live in the pages of one of her novels and transports her to England circa 1860. There she encounters Rachel Coldwater (Gillian Saker), the supportive wife of her favorite romance author, Reginald Coldwater. But Rachel, who prefers to dress in men’s clothes at a time when such a thing was unheard of, has secrets.

In the clip below, sparks fly between the women as Isabel opens up to discover more about herself than she knew was lurking there under her corset.

Watch the clip below.