New Fantastic Four Movie Poster Revealed

Today, the official Fantastic Four Twitter page released a poster for the upcoming reboot, hitting theaters on August 7, 2015. Here, we have all four members of the team, Thing, Human Torch, Mr Fantastic, and Invisible Woman, looking at something pretty sinister. Each of the characters, aside from Reed, is showing off their powers in one way or another, and wait, is Thing not wearing any pants?

The poster is one of the final shots of the trailer, so technically, this really isn't offering anything new to the public, but it does put a lot of emphasis on the light coming from the sky, which was at the end of the recent trailer.

It's no secret that the marketing for this August's Fantastic Four reboot has been a bit head-scratching. The lack of information and images coming from this movie is puzzling, especially when there's other projects coming out much farther down the line with a whole lot more information about them. There has been the trailer so far and this poster but it doesn't seem like this summer blockbuster (opening in late summer) is being marketed as one.

Back in January, fans did get a look at the trailer which put some fans at ease since it makes this feel more like a sci-fi film than anything else. However, trailers can be deceiving.

What do you think of the poster? Fantastic Four opens up on August 7, 2015

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