Some fans of incoming Big 12 schools want basketball tournaments moved to Las Vegas

The Pac-12 Conference men’s and women’s basketball tournaments are scheduled to take place March 6−9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

It could be the final conference tournaments as the Pac-12’s future is in doubt.

In 2025, four of those Pac-12 schools will play their conference tournament at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City.

The Big 12 Conference will add Arizona State, Arizona, Colorado and Utah for the 2024-25 school year. The men’s and women’s tournaments will feature 16 teams for the first time in conference history.

Those Big 12 basketball tournaments are scheduled to be played in Kansas City at least through 2027.

But some fans of incoming Big 12 schools think the men’s and women’s tournaments should then move to Las Vegas. They shared that thought on X (née Twitter) and as one might expect, it didn’t sit well with many people.

This is a bit of what was being shared on the social-media channel about the Big 12 basketball tournaments, and the perks of playing in Kansas City or Las Vegas.