Fans are calling Michael Cera's CeraVe ad 'the best Super Bowl commercial in years'

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We now know why Michael Cera was signing bottles of CeraVe at a New York pharmacy.

The actor's partnership with the skincare brand was made clear during the Super Bowl, when their collaborative ad aired.

Cera, in the commercial, called CeraVe his cream — or, as he might say it, Cera-ve.

"Oh, you didn't know?" he said, over a New Age soundtrack. "The truth has been hiding in plain sight. I am CeraVe."

The commercial was both satirical and dramatic, as Cera was shown giving himself a massage and asking, "Can human skin truly be this moisturized?"

Another memorable one-liner from the ad: “Let my cream hydrate you." Later on, a dolphin tells Cera his skin looks moisturized; Cera returns the compliment.

The ad then zooms out to show Cera presenting this to a board. "I think it would be really nice if people think I made this," he said.

The ad ended with CeraVe emphasizing it's made with oversight from dermatologists, not Michael Cera.

Online, people deemed the ad the "best Super Bowl commercial in years." Fans deemed the partnership between Cera(ve) the cream and Cera the actor "the smartest one in a while." Others went as far as to call it "genius."

One of the ad's lines was getting some, uh, scrutiny: When Cera said, "Let my cream moisturize you."

The Super Bowl is still unfolding, and so are the ads. But according to some, Cera is “winning.”

"Best commercial so far by a mile," one X user wrote.

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