The family of an unvaccinated woman who died from COVID-19 say they still refuse to get the jab, report says

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  • The family of an unvaccinated woman who died of COVID-19 said they still won't get the jab.

  • Molly Hart from Florida told the Daily Beast her mother died from "stress" and "not COVID."

  • Mary Knight died last week after contracting the virus in her office where an outbreak had occured.

The daughter of an unvaccinated woman who died from the coronavirus said her family will still not be getting their shots, according to the Daily Beast.

Molly Hart, a physical therapist from Bradenton, Florida, was left devastated after her mother, Mary Knight, passed away from complications related to COVID-19 last week. However, the tragic event did not change her stance on getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

"No one in my family will be getting the vaccine," Hart confirmed to the Daily Beast.

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Hart said she believes her mother, who was 58 years old, did not die from the coronavirus but that it was a "freak thing" caused by "stress."

"She was always a busy worker bee," Hart said, according to the Daily Beast. "She didn't know how to rest and gave her all to everything she did. Stress killed her, not COVID. A healthy body and immune system [do] not need the vaccine."

According to public health experts, having a strong and healthy immune system does not offer the same protection as a COVID-19 vaccine, CNN reported.

Knight, who was not vaccinated, died after contracting the virus in the government office building where she worked as an IT Customer service supervisor.

Three other unvaccinated employees in her office - where wearing face masks was not mandatory - also contracted the virus and fell seriously ill, but survived. Another unvaccinated member of the IT department, a 53-year-old man called Alphonso Cox, also died last week after coming down with COVID-19.

The employees in the office that had been vaccinated however were not affected by the illness at all, Manatee County Administrator Dr. Scott Hopes said in a statement.

Hopes said at a news conference earlier this week that believes the outbreak that killed Knight could have involved the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which originates from India.

More than 600,00 people have died from the coronavirus in the United States since the start of the pandemic, according to a tracker by Johns Hopkins University.

The Daily Beast report comes one week after a Texas man who spent four months battling COVID-19 in hospital and almost died from the virus told CNN he regretted not getting a vaccine.

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