Family recounts close call with taco-eating bear

STORY: On Monday (September 25), Silvia Macias, her son Santiago, and family friends Nathalia Fuentes and Angela Chapa visited the Chipinque Ecological Park and talked about the possibility of encountering a bear, common wildlife in the Nuevo Leon state area, without expecting their prediction to come true. Fortunately for them, the three came up with a plan to deal with the potential situation.

In the video shared earlier this week, Silvia Macias is seen holding her son Santiago close to her chest and covering his face as the bear devours their food in front of them. Macias told Reuters that her son Santiago, who has Down syndrome, is severely afraid of animals, so she decided to cover his eyes.

As Santiago's uneasiness increased, Angela says she held a plate of food up to the bear’s nose for him to smell and tossed it away so that he would get off the table and go and get the last bits of food. When he walked away after a little over four minutes, the women and the child left the table and went to a bathroom, where they took refuge, they said.

In the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon there is a zone registered as a protected natural area with a surface area of 177,395 hectares, the place is recognised as the natural habitat of the Ursus americanus. The black bear is a species listed as endangered by the Mexican authorities.