Family Claims They Were Booted From JetBlue Flight in Dispute Over Birthday Cake

The family booted from a JetBlue flight over a birthday cake is addressing their situation, which left their kids in tears as they were removed from the plane.

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Cameron and Minta Burke, of New Jersey, had boarded the New York to Las Vegas flight with their two children earlier this month in a family trip to celebrate Minta's 40th birthday.

The family said they put their cake in the overhead compartment of the plane but were instructed to move it to the floor. The family says they complied, but the flight attendant wasn’t satisfied — then everything took a turn.

Video of the May 3 incident, which shows one of the couple’s children in tears, has been seen across America.

“My two children are screaming and crying," Minta told Inside Edition. "They were confused not knowing what is going on. They were traumatized."

“When she told me that I was being non-compliant then I said, ‘Ma'am have you been drinking?’ Because her behavior was just not normal," Cameron added. 

Law enforcement boarded the plane and did their best to calm everyone down.

“I don't see any wrongdoing at all,” one officer was recorded saying in the video.

JetBlue ordered the whole plane evacuated and refused to let the Burke family back on.

“Unfortunately, they're going to have to re-book everyone,” the officer was recorded telling the distraught family.

JetBlue is standing by their decision to boot the Burkes, claiming they put the birthday cake "in a compartment reserved for safety equipment and refused multiple requests from the crew to remove the items."

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"The video does not depict the entire incident and only starts after the objectionable behavior occurred," a spokesman said. “The customers became agitated, cursed and yelled at the crew, and made false accusations about a crewmember's fitness to fly."

Though the family did receive a refund and a free trip the next day, they are considering legal action against the airline.

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