Famed Apple columnist dumps iPhone for Android

Ihnatko Dumps iPhone Android
Ihnatko Dumps iPhone Android

Revered Apple (AAPL) columnist Andy Ihnatko has decided to dump his iPhone in favor of an Android smartphone. Ihnatko, who has penned popular Apple columns for Chicago Sun Times and Macworld, explained earlier this week that he got rid of his iPhone 4S more than a month ago, opting instead for a Samsung (005930) Galaxy S III.

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In the first part of a three-part series on TechHive, the columnist explains why he made the leap from Apple handsets to Google’s (GOOG) mobile platform. Among the reasons Ihnatko lists for switching to the Galaxy S III are the phone’s larger display and the availability of better keyboards. Two more key items that factored into his decision will be covered in the second installment of his series.

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Ihnatko is the latest high-profile iPhone user who switched away from Apple devices to adopt Android phones. Former Apple marketing guru Guy Kawasaki is another recent defector, but he had an ulterior motive that wasn’t readily shared — shortly after Kawasaki’s announcement that he had begun using an Android device, it was revealed that he had been hired by Google.

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