Factbox: Trials involving Silvio Berlusconi

Naomi O'Leary

By Naomi O'Leary

ROME (Reuters) - The Italian Senate expelled Silvio Berlusconi over a tax fraud conviction on Wednesday, stripping him of parliamentary immunity and opening the possibility of his arrest in other cases. His lawyers say an arrest is unlikely.

Here are some of the legal cases involving the center-right leader:

* THE MEDIASET CASE - In August Italy's Supreme Court confirmed a conviction and jail sentence against Berlusconi for tax fraud, his first definitive conviction. - He was found guilty of falsely recording the price paid for television rights by his Mediaset media empire to pay less tax and of using offshore accounts to create a slush fund network. - He was sentenced to four years in jail, commuted to one year under an amnesty. He has asked to serve the sentence in community service. Berlusconi will probably begin this in 2014. - The Milan court banned him from holding public office but this has not yet become effective. - The Senate expelled Berlusconi over his conviction on November 27.

* THE RUBY CASE - Berlusconi is appealing a June conviction for abuse of office and paying Moroccan nightclub dancer Karima El Mahroug for sex in 2010, when she was 17, below the legal age for prostitution. - Prosecutors said El Mahroug, known by her nickname "Ruby the Heartstealer", was one of several women who received cash and gifts after attending Berlusconi's parties and allegedly taking part in "bunga bunga" erotic games. - Berlusconi was also found guilty of trying to hide his connection with El Mahroug by pressuring police to free her from custody after she was detained over separate theft allegations. - The court handed him a seven-year prison sentence but he will not have to serve it while the appeals process continues. - El Mahroug has said under oath that she never had sex with Berlusconi and he denies any wrongdoing. The court said in November it had sufficient proof that sex acts took place.

* THE WIRETAP CASE - In March a Milan court sentenced Berlusconi to a year in jail after his family's newspaper Il Giornale published a transcript of a leaked wiretap connected to a banking scandal in 2006. - Berlusconi remains free pending an appeal and judicial sources say the charges may expire due to the statute of limitations. - Piero Fassino, head of the main center-left party at the time, said Il Giornale published the transcript, which contains remarks made by him, before the 2006 election to suggest that Fassino had exerted improper pressure in an attempted takeover of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro by insurer Unipol in 2005.

* THE MONDADORI CASE - The Supreme Court in September ordered Berlusconi's family holding company to pay 494 million euros ($671.4 million) in damages over the disputed purchase of publisher Mondadori. - The case related to the 1991 battle for control of Mondadori between Fininvest and CIR and was the civil leg of a criminal trial which in 2007 found Berlusconi's former lawyer guilty of bribing a judge. - Berlusconi's privately-held Fininvest has already paid the fine to the De Benedetti family's CIR holding, founded by his arch-rival Carlo De Benedetti. The September ruling allowed CIR to access the money which was frozen pending a final decision. - Fininvest controls assets worth more than 5 billion euros, including Mediaset. It has denied any wrongdoing in the case.

* THE TARANTINI CASE - Prosecutors in the southern city of Bari have accused Berlusconi of "inducement to give false testimony" over money he allegedly paid to businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini, his wife and a former political associate to buy their silence over his use of prostitutes. - Tarantini is accused of providing prostitutes for parties at Berlusconi's villa outside Milan. Berlusconi denies wrongdoing.

* THE VOTE-BUYING CASE - Berlusconi has been ordered to stand trial for corruption, accused of bribing a senator to change sides in parliament to help to topple the former government of Romano Prodi. - Prosecutors accuse Berlusconi of paying former senator Sergio De Gregorio 3 million euros to defect from the small Italy of Values party after the 2006 election and to join the center right. Prodi's government collapsed in 2008. - Berlusconi denies the allegations.

* THE MEDIATRADE CASE - In March the Supreme Court upheld a ruling clearing Berlusconi of tax fraud in connection with the Mediatrade broadcasting rights unit of his Mediaset group. - Mediatrade had been accused of acquiring film and TV rights at inflated prices to evade 10 million euros in taxes in 2004.

(Reporting by Naomi O'Leary; Editing by Alistair Lyon)