Facebook’s new feature will rat you out if you screenshot this kind of message

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Another social media outlet has taken away the ability to secretly screenshot, according to an announcement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Don’t freak out just yet; it’s only in one form of Facebook messaging.

Zuckerberg announced last week that users should be aware that while using the end-to-end encrypted message option, trying to save those conversations for yourself through a screenshot will cause a notification in the chat.

The encrypted messaging option “adds extra security and protection to your messages” by only allowing the two people involved to access its content.

Either of the users can switch the message functionality from encrypted to regular messaging at any time.

“No one can read your messages or hear your calls except the people who have these special keys - not even Facebook,” according to the platform’s Help Center.

Taking a screenshot while messaging someone while in this function notifies the other user and brings up a tattle-tale message in the chat: “(Person) took a screenshot,” reads the message, according to a sample conversation from Zuckerberg.

Some are happy the update will allow them a sense of security.

“I really needed this feature in 2009 when I used to drunk message,” wrote one Facebook user.

Others are chiding the Facebook creator for the update.

“You are now becoming a snitch bro,” joked one Facebook commenter.

So next time you want to screenshot an encrypted chat, you’ll have to get creative — or, just be honest.

“Thanks for the heads up, Mark! Thank you for not letting us make fools out of ourselves by taking screenshots,” another Facebook user wrote.

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