If Facebook Cost Money, It Might Look Like This [VIDEO]

Brian Anthony Hernandez

Through all of its changes, Facebook has remained a free service. But how might the world's social network look like if it started offering premium accounts at say $9.99 a month or more?

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New comedy site Jest tackles that question in a parody video starring a fake Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who gives you a rundown of the paid accounts available in world where extra Facebook features cost money.

The video skewers Facebook's stock price; Jest editor in chief Jeff Rubin told Mashable why on Friday:

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"Mark Zuckerberg obviously has an ambitious vision for the future of Facebook, so we thought it would be funny to imagine what would happen if this sudden pressure to make money caused them to focus on the very, very short-term and completely sell-out their users. We wondered, 'What would Facebook do if they didn't care about existing a month from now?'"

Facebook started trading at $42 a share on Nasdaq on May 18. On Friday, the stock closed at $30.01 -- 21% below its $38 IPO price.

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Watch the video, and then have nightmares about what Facebook might become.

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