Facebook considers letting users pay money to message people they don’t know [updated]

Facebook Pay-Per-Message
Facebook Pay-Per-Message

Watch out, Facebook (FB): Your reputation for shadiness could soon approach MySpace levels. The Verge reports that Facebook is now testing out a new system in which “people will pay to get in touch with those they aren’t Facebook friends with.” In other words, the creepy guy that keeps trying to “friend” you on Facebook could soon be able to pay an as-yet-undetermined amount of money and get to send messages directly to your inbox. The Verge says that Facebook may be considering this new option as both a monetization tool and as a way to reduce spam by erecting a monetary barrier for people who send out notices about Viagra and Rolex watches through the social networking platform. On the other hand, it could also open the door for enterprising public relations firms to send tech bloggers unwanted messages about their exciting NoSQL database solutions, so there’s definitely the potential for a major backlash here.

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UPDATE: Business Insider reports that Facebook will charge just $1 for each message sent, which means that my Facebook page will be loaded with press releases for important new SIP trunking solutions within seconds if this new policy goes into effect.

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