F-16 no ‘silver bullet’ for Ukraine against Russia — Stoltenberg

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F-16 fighter jets would not serve as a “silver bullet” for the Ukrainian Armed Forces amidst the ongoing conflict with Russia, cautioned NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, as reported by Russian Bild via Telegram on April 5.

The swift delivery of these fighter jets to Ukraine would serve as an example of significant military support for Ukraine from NATO, Stoltenberg said.

"NATO allies providing Ukraine with F-16 fighters, sending weapons for those planes, and training pilots is a very important example of the alliance’s military assistance to Ukraine," he said.

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"However, no single system can change the situation on the battlefield alone. F-16s are not a ‘silver bullet’ that will determine the course of the war."

F-16s are important for Ukraine as they will increase its capabilities on the battlefield, Stoltenberg said.

He expressed appreciation for Ukraine's allies' dedicated efforts in facilitating these deliveries and providing training for pilots and technical personnel involved with the F-16s.

Key points about Ukraine's F-16 acquisition:

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that his country, along with the United States, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark had agreed to participate in training Ukrainian pilots on Western fighter jets on May 19, 2023.

Romanian officials said on July 6, 2023, they were opening a regional training center for F-16 fighter pilots, which would be available to its allies and partners, including Ukraine.

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The United States has authorized Denmark and the Netherlands to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets. This was confirmed when the Netherlands and Denmark announced they would provide Ukraine with 61 F-16 aircraft — 42 and 19, respectively, on Aug. 20, 2023.

Norway and Belgium have also confirmed their intentions to supply F-16 jets to Ukraine, with Belgium's contributions starting in 2025.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry reported on Jan. 10 that Ukrainian pilots are still being trained on F-16 fighters in different programs worldwide.

Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said on March 20 that Ukraine would receive its first F-16 fighter jets this summer, with the first batch of aircraft coming from Denmark.

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