Explosions occur at Machulishchy airbase in Belarus, Russian aircraft damaged

Explosions occurred at the Machulishchy airbase in Minsk Oblast in Belarus on Sunday morning. There is information about a damaged Russian aircraft.

Source: Anton Motolko, a Byelorussian journalist, the BYPOL initiative

Details: Locals reported hearing two explosions at about 8:00-9:00 and may have heard another one during the night.

According to preliminary reports, the traffic police stopped the cars in several places around the airbase and checked the trunks and ID of the drivers. Later MAZ VV vehicles were spotted on the way to the airbase.

The BYPOL initiative reported that on Sunday morning two explosions occurred at the Machulishchy air base resulting in a Russian military and transport aircraft and snowplows being damaged.

Near the aforementioned airbase, local residents noticed a significant number of soldiers as well as traffic police crews that were checking all the passing cars.

It is from Machulishchy airfield that Kinzhal missile carriers usually take off, which is why Ukraine issued an air-raid warning.

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