Explosion in Russia’s Ryazan Oblast kills Rosgvardia soldier, injures two

Explosion (illustrative photo)
Explosion (illustrative photo)

One Rosgvardia (Russian National Guard) soldier has been confirmed dead and two other injured after an explosion at a military training range in Ryazan Oblast, Russia's Investigative Committee (IC) reported via Telegram on Dec. 7.

The incident occurred "during shooting exercises at the Dubrovichi shooting range,” according to the report.

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This incident follows a similar explosion in November that killed 12 Russian soldiers at a training range in Rostov Oblast. The trainees made a campfire next to stored ammunition when an RPG-7 grenade rolled into the fire and exploded.

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Ten Russian military personnel were allegedly killed, and 15 injured in another explosion at a training ground near Rostov-on-Don, local news outlet DonDay reported on Nov. 30.

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