An Explosion Rocks a Sleepy Indianapolis Subdivision

Connor Simpson

An explosion left two homes completely destroyed in an Indianpolis subdivision Saturday night and nearly took the rest of the neighborhood out with it. The explosion occurred around 11 p.m. on Saturday night. Two people were killed and five were injured in the blast that officials still haven't been able to pin down a cause for. 

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The amount of damage caused by the explosion is astounding: two houses burned to the ground, two were completely engulfed in flames but still partially standing on Sunday morning and every house on the neighborhood has been evacuated until engineers can deem their homes safe for reentry. Over 200 people are currently displaced. 

The leading theory for the explosion's cause is a natural gas leak, but local officials are teaming up with the ATF and Homeland Security to make sure nothing more nefarious is at play here. It's not every day an explosion rocks a quiet Indianapolis suburb.  

The AP photo of one of the houses engulfed in flames is pretty intense: 

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Michael Van Poppel shared this photo of first responders hitting the scene: 

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Indianapolis Star photographer Matt Kryger got this picture of firefighters working through the remnants of what used to be a house while the fire still rages behind them: 

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Two homes are completely gone and more than two dozen are uninhabitable right now because of the damage last night. This is a screenshot from the WTHR report on the fire: 

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