Exploring the Austin Police Department’s new crime data dashboard

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin Police Department (APD) now has a new interactive dashboard detailing the city’s crime statistics.

Last year, City Council passed a resolution asking APD to post different monthly data on its portal. The department already posted monthly data in the form the Chief’s Report, but the dashboard display is a new feature.

Screen shot of APD portal
APD’s new crime data dashboard. (Courtesy: APD)

Right now, you can view crimes by council district, rates and definitions for some of the city’s most serious crimes, and various yearly statistical breakdowns.

“It’s great, it’s exciting, we’re getting open data from the police department, it’s a great start but there are places where we can improve,” said Steven Rivas, a public policy consultant in Austin who used to work as a 911 dispatcher in West Texas.

He added that he also hopes to see data on daily 911 calls and staffing numbers.

College student Ta’von Tasby said she appreciates the idea of the dashboard and believes she and her peers would benefit from detailed auto theft and burglary of vehicle cases.

“I would definitely utilize something like this. My mom, personally, she sends me all the crime reports that happen in Austin or Texas in general,” she said. “As a college student, I walk around a lot and there are a lot of burglaries and things like that that go around in my neighborhood.”

Moving forward, APD plans to incorporate additional dashboards for things like cadets in training, retirements and separations and calls for service.

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