Explore the CDC’s school reopening guidelines in augmented reality

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has promoted preparing schools for the safe return of students to the classroom this fall amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic across the United States. The CDC has shared its recommended strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19 in schools, which includes measures like social distancing, wearing masks and practicing proper hand hygiene.

The CDC suggests providing physical guides, such as tape on the floor, to remind people to stay at least six feet apart. Students and staff should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, and staff should disinfect surfaces often to prevent the spread of the virus in the classroom. Students should also learn how to properly wear masks, which is especially important when they’re indoors and when social distancing is difficult. Listen along to the CDC’s recommendations to help slow the spread of the coronavirus in schools, and explore the scene in this immersive 3D experience.

The 3D experience can be viewed on both desktop and mobile.

For desktop:

  • Click on “View in 3D” above

  • Use your mouse to zoom and rotate the object

For mobile (optimal experience):

  • Click on “View in 3D” above

  • Tap on the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser

  • Press “allow” (this prompt should come up multiple times)

  • Place the object in your space, use your fingers to resize and rotate in augmented reality

  • To take a photo of what you’re seeing, tap on the screen and a camera icon will appear


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