Watch: Christmas tree made of detonation cord explode

Yahoo News

Your neighbor's Christmas tree has nothing on this one.

Richard Ryan, the host of the YouTube series "Rated RR," built a Christmas tree using an aluminum rod, string and detonating cord, a thin – flexible plastic tube filled with C4 explosives that according to Gizmodo explode at a rate of roughly 4 miles per second.

RR's neighbors need not worry: the tree was constructed in the desert.

It's not the first time Ryan has used "det cord" in his videos. Earlier this year, he used the tube to detonate a keg of beer and, in October, celebrated Halloween by detonating a pumpkin.

Video of Ryan's exploding Christmas tree was uploaded to YouTube on Monday. And the explosion happens so fast, it needs to be viewed in slow motion. Luckily, Yahoo News has produced a couple gif versions of the blast.

Here in real time:

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And now slowed down:

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