How Do You Exercise in Space?

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Outer Space Fitness

Astronaut and subject of TIME’s Emmy award winning documentary A Year in Space Scott Kelly did and an AMA to field questions on everything from viewing earth from above to his hopes for the world’s space programs. But one question stood out. How do you work out in space?

“We have a resistive exercise machine that mimics weight very well. We have a treadmill and a stationary bicycle. And we exercise every day…well, I exercised six days a week,” he wrote.

Another thing you return to Earth with (aside from great space selfies): a new outlook on everyone and everything around you, which Kelly explained some people dub the “orbital perspective.” He wrote:

“You definitely have a different perspective when you’ve spent time in space, and some people refer to this as the orbital perspective: a sense of being more empathetic to the environment and the human condition.”

This Kid Aced Her Flo from Progressive Costume

When it comes to an unexpected but universally recognizable costume, this clipboard-wielding kid going as the bubbly Flo (played by Stephanie Courtney) from Progressive commercials takes the cake. According to her dad, 5-year-old Avery has cosplayed as Katy Perry and Raven in the past, but this might be her finest costume yet.

Being ‘The Good House’ on Halloween Night

Some lifelong dreams never come true. This crucial one did. One redditor shared that they bought a full-size pack of Mars candy to hand out to local kids, fulfilling their childhood trick-or-treating fantasy. It’s a pricey move that’s sure to leave all those bite-size candy houses in the dust.

One commenter predicted this would set quite the precedent. “Before long, parents will be shipping their kids in from out of town to capitalize on the house that gives out full size candy bars. A secondary economy will form around the acquisition and trading of these full size treats,” redditor kayonesoft wrote.

A DIY Project From Two Cultures

To honor her heritage, Maya Caulfield hand-stitched plaid and tartan button-down shirts and boxer shorts from thrift shorts to create a kimono. The picture quickly rose to the top of the /r/pics subreddit.

The daughter of a Japanese mother and a Scottish father, the Denver Colorado DIY-er explained that the kimono was a way for her to connect to her dual ancestry.

“Growing up, I did feel dissociated from my heritage because I thought I didn’t wholly belong to either group, but now as an adult I see it as an asset to my art because it is different and the most beautiful things are just a little different,” she told TIME.

Val Kilmer Wants to Know What Movie Character You’d Like to Be on Halloween

The Batman Forever actor posed a pressing Halloween question, sharing that costume tip requests from fans of his characters got him curious enough to start this discussion topic in the popular /r/movies subreddit.

What would be his answer? “I would possibly go with someone Spencer Tracy played like Sam Craig in Woman of the Year,” Kilmer shared.