Ex-Secret Service agent savages 'aloof' Hillary, 'arrogant' White House staff


Washington, Mar.9 (ANI): A former U.S. Secret Service agent has launched a stinging attack on Clinton administration staff, branding them as arrogant and also claiming that the ex-First Lady Hillary Clinton was aloof.

Breaking from tradition, Dan Emmett has revealed the inner workings of the White House in a controversial book.

He tells how Clinton, now Secretary of State, never said 'thank you' to agents who protected her, unlike her husband, Bill, and their daughter, Chelsea.

Emmett said her demeanor was colder than that of Bill Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.

The Daily Mail quoted him, as saying that this trait was found in even greater measure among young White House personnel.

They displayed 'fundamental traits of rudeness and arrogance' which, at times, bordered on dangerous, he said.

"Most of these youngsters were from wealthy families, and many viewed Secret Service agents as the hired help," he writes in his autobiography titled "Within Arm's Length".

He also accuses Bill Clinton of putting his own life and those of his agents at risk by insisting on a 'totally pointless photo op' on the North Korea-South Korea border.

He said the former president went too far along the bridge separating the two nations.

"No one seemed to know if President Clinton grasped how potentially dangerous this stop on the bridge was," he writes.

He added: "Nevertheless, he was POTUS and he wanted to stand on the bridge, so stand on the bridge he would do."

Emmett said Clinton caused a nightmare for the Secret Service by insisting on jogging in public.

Agents tried to change his mind and even went as far as building a quarter-mile track inside the White House, but Clinton could not be persuaded and asked the presidential protective division to come up with some routes outside the grounds.

Emmett, who also served under George H.W. Bush and now works as a teacher, has been criticized by the Secret Service for publishing his tell-all.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told the Washington Examiner: "It causes concern because we don't want to erode the trust that we have with our protectees." (ANI)