Ex-Project Veritas Member Threatens Dirt on James O’Keefe

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A high-profile member of the far-right media group Project Veritas has left the organization and is threatening to release new details on this year’s messy ouster of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

Matthew Tyrmand, a conservative commentator, confirmed on Twitter this week that he left Project Veritas. His departure comes months after that of O’Keefe, who was removed from his leadership role in February over allegations that he had been “outright cruel” to employees and spent company money on expensive personal pursuits. After O’Keefe’s ouster, his allies accused Tyrmand of spearheading the “coup.” (Tyrmand appears to have dismissed some of those accusations.)

But following his own departure from Project Veritas, Tyrmand is teasing a new broadside against O’Keefe.

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News of Tyrmand’s departure from Project Veritas, where he’d been a board member, broke on Twitter earlier this week. “@Project_Veritas Board member @MatthewTyrmand who led the charge to get rid of @JamesOKeefeIII has RESIGNED. This, just weeks after Hannah Giles is named new CEO,” tweeted April Moss, a former weather reporter who worked with Project Veritas during O’Keefe’s tenure.

Tyrmand shared the post, calling it the “First thing @AprilMossTV has ever reported that is (somewhat) accurate.”

Tyrmand, who did not return a request for comment, later shared a current employee’s tweet disputing that Tyrmand had led the charge to remove O’Keefe.

O’Keefe, who recently launched a Project Veritas rival company, O’Keefe Media Group, liked Moss’ tweet. Tyrmand, in turn, tweeted a screenshot of O’Keefe’s “like,” with a pledge to reveal new information about the former Project Veritas leader.

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“Oh you think this is good for you, you lying sack of shit?” Tyrmand tweeted, apparently directed at O’Keefe. “I know all what you did, you fkn scumbag. Only thing keeping me from not airing your bullshit heretofore the last 5 months was being connected to an institution that had other people in it that I was concerned about. Cuz Ive cared about our people, novel sentiment I know, to a vacuous succubus like yourself. Those people of @Project_Veritas are amazing warriors- those who did the work and who bled and sweat for your legacy. They did work you didn’t, nee couldn’t, do but you took credit for. Now I can discuss all of it. On my own schedule. And I have ALL the receipts. Let’s roll;)

“(Gonna be a super fun next 6-12 months;))”

Neither Project Veritas nor O’Keefe returned requests for comment on Wednesday. In May, Project Veritas sued O’Keefe and two of his colleagues, accusing them of using company resources to launch O’Keefe Media Group.

The lawsuit also accused O’Keefe of breaching his contract with Project Veritas through unprofessional behavior like allegedly belittling female employees, making employees clean his boat, and spending more than $150,000 in company funds on black car services.

In a podcast interview the night after the lawsuit was filed, O’Keefe defended his spending as the cost of doing business. “Doing the right thing is expensive,” O’Keefe said.

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