Ex-NFL star Sergio Brown, missing since murder of his mother, sends bizarre tweet about Mexican cartels

Sergio Brown  (Family handout)
Sergio Brown (Family handout)
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Sergio Brown, who has been missing since 16 September and whose Instagram accounts seemed to have been recently taken down, turned to X to post about “fake news” and Mexican cartels.

On 9 October, an account (@SergioBrown38) appearing to be linked to Mr Brown posted: “This is all fake news. For tabloids. Fat Mexican men with petty money to trip up an airport.”

“Don’t worry we got the graffiti gang wonding the good vibes. The cartels are Flippin the rug over and lying duh lol,” he allegedly wrote.

It’s unclear what Mr Brown was referring to when he said “fake news” — or what prompted the rest of the tweet. However, this wasn’t the first time Mexico has come up as the search for the former Patriot continues.

The former NFL safety was last seen partying it up in Tulum, as TMZ reported last week. The tweet and the Tulum footage followed police officials saying that they believed one of his videos was filmed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Before his Instagram accounts were taken down, Mr Brown posted a series of bizarre videos. In one such video, he could be seen calling his mother’s death “fake news” and seemed to be mocking reports that he was “missing” by quoting Finding Nemo.

The Independent contacted the Maywood Police Department, but it was not immediately available for comment.

Sergio Brown strange tweet (Sergio Brown / X)
Sergio Brown strange tweet (Sergio Brown / X)

Someone commented in response to the tweet: “Be safe my dude.”

The body of Mr Brown’s 73-year-old mother Myrtle Brown was found in an Illinois creek last month shortly after the mother and son were reported missing. Her death was ruled a homicide from assault injuries.