Ex-Interpol official suggests brain chips used in Crocus City Hall attack

Russian TV propaganda talk show
Russian TV propaganda talk show

Crocus City Hall terrorists may have had chips implanted in their brains, claimed ex-head of Russian Interpol bureau, retired police Major General Vladimir Ovchinsky on Russian TV on March 30.

"The assailants... seemed to have had their consciousness overridden," Ovchinsky claimed, hinting at the use of psychotropic substances and neuropsychological techniques. "The investigation might reveal the presence of implanted chips, now a possibility with today's neurobiological tech," he added, referencing Elon Musk's neuroscience endeavors as a comparative example.

Backdrop of the Crocus City Hall tragedy

The shocking incident unfolded on March 22 at Crocus City Hall in Krasnogorsk, a Moscow suburb, during a scheduled concert. Armed individuals unleashed a deadly attack, resulting in 143 fatalities as reported by Russian officials.

Russia claimed it detained those involved in the shooting and that the FSB had found a "Ukrainian trace" in the incident, alleging that the suspects were heading toward the border with Ukraine, where they supposedly had contacts.

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The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Presidential Office have categorically denied Russian officials' accusations of Ukraine's involvement in the Crocus City Hall shooting.

ISIS claimed responsibility on March 23, releasing photos of the suspects detained by the Russian FSB earlier. ISIS later released a video shot by the terrorists in Crocus City Hall.

The USA and a number of Western countries warned in advance about a large-scale terrorist attack being prepared in Moscow.

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