Everything You Need to Know About National Garage Sale Day 2017

National Garage Sale Day is celebrated across the country on the second Saturday of August. Every year, households take advantage of the holiday to clear their homes of furniture, antiques, clothing and more. In the past, entire neighborhoods and towns have joined in on the celebration, launching community-wide sales and encouraging residents to participate.

This year, National Garage Sale Day will fall on Aug. 12. With more shoppers out on the scene hunting for deals, National Garage Sale Day is an opportune time to swap clutter for cash. If you're considering running a garage sale of your own this year, review these tips for ensuring that your sale is a big success.

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Check local ordinances. In certain cities or counties, you may need a permit to run a garage sale. Before throwing yours, review the "permits" or "civic responsibilities" section of your town or city's website to determine whether any paperwork is required. You should also check on local signage ordinances, as some areas may prohibit posting "yard sale" signs in public areas without a permit.

Scour your home. Start by going through each room of your home, including the basement, attic, garage and closets. Grab any items you no longer use and sort them into one of three piles: sell, donate or trash.

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Consider your location. An ideal garage sale location is a well-trafficked area with plenty of parking options. If your home is in a secluded area where traffic is limited and parking is scarce, consider asking a friend or family member to lend you his or her yard for the day. Better yet, suggest throwing a multifamily garage sale and get help with organization and marketing.

Price items individually. It's a big nuisance to have to ask for pricing, and many on-the-fence shoppers may decide a purchase isn't worth it if they have to hunt you down to find out an item's cost. Price garage sale items individually and clearly with bright stickers and colored markers to make it easier on both you and your customers.

Price fairly. If you're unsure how to price a valuable item, look up similar products on eBay and price your find a little lower. Keep in mind that your average garage sale shopper expects to haggle. When pricing, decide on the minimum number you are willing to accept, then add 20 percent to give yourself some bargaining room. Not willing to budge? Write "firm" on items that are nonnegotiable.

Advertise. Consider advertising your sale in your local daily and weekly newspapers, which may charge as little as $10 per ad space. You can also advertise for free on many different websites, including Craigslist, VarageSale.com and Gsalr.com.

Make sure you have plenty of change. Before the date of your sale, visit your bank to pick up a stack of $5 and $1 bills. Grab at least $20 in quarters.

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Get a credit card app and reader. In today's cashless society, most of the potential shoppers passing by your garage sale won't have much cash on them. Advertise the fact that you accept cards, and you'll attract a huge pool of clients who would otherwise pass by your sale. There are several devices you can use to accept credit card payments with your smartphone or tablet, including Square, PayPal Chip Card Reader and QuickBooks GoPayment.

Set up in advance. For sales held inside a garage, you can begin setting up a few days in advance. For sales held out on your lawn or sidewalk, get everything ready and begin setting up early in the morning.

Be available, not pushy. After opening your garage doors to the public, set up your chair so you can easily see and be seen by shoppers. Remain seated, resist the urge to play salesman or saleswoman and let shoppers approach you with questions and bargaining propositions. Greet shoppers when they arrive, then let them treasure hunt in peace.

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