Evan Longoria Watches the Birth of His Son From Japan via FaceTime

By Mike Oz

Thanks to our iPhones and Apple’s FaceTime feature, many parents have stories about being able to see their kids when they might not otherwise get the chance. Say, on business trips or during long nights at the office.

Evan Longoria, the Tampa Bay Rays' third baseman, has a story to beat 'em all. He watched the birth of his son, Nash Harrison Longoria, via FaceTime, while he represents MLB in the Japan Series. Longoria knew there was a chance he might be in Japan when his fiancée Jamie Edmondson — an ex-NFL cheerleader, Playboy model and “Amazing Race” competitor — went into labor with their second child.

She texted Longoria when she did, from a hospital room in Arizona. And Longoria watched from the Tokyo Dome, meeting his son for the first time. Longoria told MLB.com’s Anthony DiComo: “I got to see it all on FaceTime. It was a pretty cool moment.” 


Longoria homered on Sunday, in Game 4 of the series, which MLB won after dropping the first three. Longoria says he plans to stay with the team until the series ends Thursday, but he’ll be happy to get back home and see his new and improved family.

"I’ve been kind of keeping an eye on the phone pretty much the whole time I’ve been here," Longoria said. "Now it’s a little bit of a relief that she made it through healthy and that the baby is healthy. But at the same time, I’m looking forward to getting back, seeing him and seeing her, and my daughter as well. I miss them."

As all parents know, FaceTime is great, but it’s not the same as being there.

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