Eva Mendes On Her 'Big' Mouth & Whether She Wants To Have Children

Eva Mendes talks to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about her new movie, "Last Night," on Access Hollywood Live on June 23, 2011 -- Access Hollywood

Eva Mendes steams up the screen as a seductress in her latest film, "Last Night," but the sexy siren says she wasn't always so appreciative of her striking looks.

"I used to hate my mouth," Eva told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Thursday's Access Hollywood Live . "And my teeth were just big and my mouth was big.

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"I'd always laugh and go like this," she continued, covering her mouth with one hand.

Despite her initial disdain for her smile, Eva has come to treasure her luscious lips and grin.

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"About 15 years ago, I really started accepting all the things about myself that I didn't like growing up," she said.

As for her personal favorite feature, the big screen beauty said she's grateful for her voluminous locks.

"I have good hair. My dad's a hairy beast and I have to thank him for that," she said, laughing. "I have to thank him because I don't need extensions and stuff."

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Eva, 37, has been outspoken in her criticism of the idea of marriage - the actress calls the legal union "archaic" - but told Billy and Kit she is all for true love.

"I have no traditional tie to the idea of marriage, but what I do love is a very strong union, commitment, spiritual commitment and of course family and love," she explained. "But marriage - I just think it's not for [me]."

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Additionally, Eva revealed her maternal instinct hasn't kicked in just yet, but said if she feels the desire to have a baby, she will.

"Babies? Possibly. I don't know -- I haven't gotten the feeling yet," she told Billy and Kit, when asked if she plans to have children. "I don't feel it yet. I don't do anything if I don't feel it - that's the one thing about me. When and if I feel it, I will do it!"

"Last Night," also starring Sam Worthington and Keira Knightley, is showing in select theaters.

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