European Parliament recognises Lukashenko as an accomplice in Russia's crimes

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In its "On Relations with Belarus" report, the European Parliament recognised the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko as an accomplice in crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, in particular in the deportation of children.

Source: report on the website of the European Parliament

Details: In particular, the report states that the Belarusian authorities are involved in Russia's promotion of hate speech, disinformation and propaganda, which "echoes Moscow's bellicose rhetoric."

The EU Parliament condemned Belarus for helping Russia in the war against Ukraine and the forced deportation of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories of Ukraine to Belarus or through its territory to the so-called recreational camps, where they are subjected to coerced Russification.

According to the data indicated in the report, over 2,150 children were brought to Belarus.

The European Parliament assessed the actions of the Lukashenko regime as amounting to a crime against humanity in accordance with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

In addition to issuing an arrest warrant for Lukashenko, the parliament calls on the Council of the European Union to expand the list of sanctioned persons and add to it those involved in the forced deportation of Ukrainian children to Belarus.


  • In response to Lukashenko's decree banning the issuance of passports to Belarusians abroad, the European Parliament called on member states to continue to simplify visa procedures for Belarusians.

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