Eugene police identify victims in WOW Hall shooting, concertgoer gives added suspect info

Eugene police have identified the six victims in the WOW Hall mass shooting Friday night, and confirmed they are all either in stable condition or out of the hospital.

The six people were gathered at the porch area behind the WOW Hall — a longtime music and community events venue in Eugene — before the shooting happened at around 9:30 p.m. outside a hip-hop concert with headliners Lil Bean and Zay Bang.

The six shot were:

  • Richard Daniel Lemmon, 26, of Pendleton

  • Reyshaun Dominique-Joseph Supuni, 30, of Pendleton

  • Tristin C. Vanblokland, 26, of Pendleton

  • Priscila Wavaline Camarena, 21, of Pendleton

  • Aaleigha Mechelle Tynan, 25, of Eugene

  • Jason Jamell Smith, 25, of San Francisco

All were sent to a hospital Friday due to gunshot injuries. Of those six, three of them — Lemmon, Supuni and Vanblokland — are hip-hop artists who traveled from Pendleton to perform Friday night. They go by the rapper names Backwood Frankie, Spoon and King MAG, respectively. Police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin said the department would not be specifying who is still in the hospital.

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Savelle Tha Native, a local hip-hop artist who attended the show, said Supuni underwent surgery Friday night and appeared to have the most serious injuries of the group.

Police had no new descriptions Tuesday of the suspect who remains at large, McLaughlin said in a news release. Police previously described the suspect as a male wearing a hoodie, who fled westbound on Eighth Avenue. She reiterated the hope that witnesses with information or tips call the department's tip line at 541-682-5162.

"There has been some cooperation, which is greatly appreciated, but having a healthy level of solid tips and cooperation is what is going to help investigators," McLaughlin said.

Thomas Hiura, a hip-hop artist and concertgoer who was on the sidewalk and filmed the suspect running away on Eighth Street, said Tuesday he appeared to be "on the skinnier side," wearing dark clothing, and about 5 feet 6 inches tall based on the video he provided to police.

A rag with what appears to be blood stains on it drapes the railing at the backdoor of the the WOW Hall in Eugene the morning after the shooting.
A rag with what appears to be blood stains on it drapes the railing at the backdoor of the the WOW Hall in Eugene the morning after the shooting.

"As he's running down Eighth (Avenue), there's one of those oblong bus stops with a roof, and runs kind of right past it, that's why I feel confident you can approximate his height down to probably two inches," he said.

Hiura said he was filming from the corner of Eighth Avenue and Lincoln Street, and said he doesn't think there was anyone else who filmed the suspect. The shooting came at a time when there were fewer people gathered at the back of the venue, making Hiura think it might have been timed that way on purpose.

"There were previous times when much more people were outside and out back," Hiura said. "He seems to have chosen a time where there were pretty much the fewest possible."

Friday night Hiura said the suspect also appeared to be young, and was carrying a handgun.

Hiura also countered Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner's comment alleging nobody provided witness statements upon police arrival, saying he gave his account to police and shared his video that night.

Detectives are continuing to work on the case, and the department is still unsure if the shooting was random or targeted at anyone, McLaughlin said. The FBI has been assisting with the investigation.

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