EU notes Ukraine's success in implementation of two "membership" reforms

The European Union has agreed that Ukraine is making serious efforts to carry out the reforms necessary to start membership negotiations.

Source: Final summit document, a translated version with comments posted by European Pravda  

Details: In particular, the document contains a unilateral statement from the EU side, in which the European Union "acknowledged the considerable efforts that Ukraine demonstrated in the recent months towards meeting the objectives underpinning its candidate status for EU membership." It is about a list of seven criteria that Ukraine must fulfil in order to move forward in joining the EU.

Welcoming "Ukraine's reform efforts in such difficult times", the EU called on Kyiv to continue fulfilling the seven conditions for the state's advancement to future EU membership.

The document does not contain a detailed description of Ukraine's fulfilment of candidate criteria. As European Pravda reported, the EU agreed to provide Ukraine with such an assessment in the spring.

However, as an exception, the parties agreed to note two areas where they consider the reforms to be the most successful. "We welcomed progress in ensuring the independent and effective operation of the anti-corruption institutions and on alignment of Ukraine’s media legislation with the EU audio-visual media services acquis," the summit's joint statement reads.

The document also highlights two areas to which special attention is drawn: judicial reform and reform of the Constitutional Court, and also emphasises the need to obtain an assessment of the Venice Commission regarding the law on national minorities.

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